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Fighting COVID-19 the right way!

Working From Home does not hinder collaboration

With Circuit-Breaker measures in place, our Singapore office will be working from home for the next 30 days. No matter how far we are from each other physically, it does not stop us from staying connected and working together. We need to check on our colleagues constantly and give them the due support to keep them going and keep ourselves going during this crisis. Together we will overcome the COVID-19!

Staying connected

Ensuring safe social distancing in our Singapore office!

To prevent the spread of the virus, our office in Singapore has taken steps to ensure social distancing within the premises.

Safe Distance


For more information on how to fight and prevent COVID-19, please scroll down to find out more. 

Safe Distancing at Workplaces

social distancing at work

Safe Distancing at Event & Public Places

Safe Distancing in public

Practise Good Personal Hygiene

Good hygiene

Stay Safe with the 5M's